Start your own business

Enterprise Revolution has started thousands of successful businesses over last 6 years.

We strongly believe in social responsibility and therefore have Enterprise Revolution as a Community Interest Company. Enterprise Revolution is a not for profit organisation based in the North East of England. Our mission is to promote people to start your own business and self employment to as many people as we can. We are interested in people who have the willingness to be open-minded and explore self employment.

If you have an idea or the willingness to be open minded and explore your potential and start your own business, you should get in touch.

Our Aim – Start Your Own Business

The purpose of the Enterprise Revolution is to use Enterprise and self-employment to improve confidence and aspiration in individuals, in families and communities. Our aim is to revolutionise enterprise support and development with new ideas and a results focussed approach, to release a groundswell of latent entrepreneurial talent across the North East, creating sustainable jobs and businesses.

Our Achievements

Start your own business - This is what we have achieved over the past 3 years through self employment

We started our company with the ambition of helping people in our local area, in all walks of life, to identify and start your own business as a way of changing their lives, their families lives and their communities. We recently looked to see what has happened over the last three years and we were astounded by the Entrepreneurial Spirit that exists in our area.

With the closure of the Steelworks and the endless stream of bad news, I thought it was well worth telling the other story of our Enterprising area. An area built by the Victorian Iron and Steel factory owners which has now given way to the enterprising masses.

We want to work with anyone who has an idea, anyone who would like an idea or more importantly anyone who shares our ambition for our area. Teesside really is an amazing place to live, an amazing place to work and a truly amazing place to start your own business. We are not sitting on our laurels, watch out in the next three years, we will be achieving more, be even committed and be shouting very loudly about how great it is to be a Teessider.

It's very well and good having an idea but how do you develop it into a business idea?