How would starting a business effect my benefits
How would starting a business effect my benefits?
September 13, 2018
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A Revolution in Enterprise Support in the Tees Valley

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Nine years ago this week, we started Enterprise Revolution CIC. We were and still are the only new accredited Enterprise Agency in the whole of the North East for the last twenty years.

We became BIS recognised and part of the National Enterprise Network in 2012.

But at our core, our mission hasn’t changed over the years, but here are some figures you may not know and why now as the Biggest (and even though I may say it) the best Enterprise Agency in the Tees Valley we remain committed and focused on the area we grew up in, still live in and most importantly work and employ in.

From our initial four members of staff, nine years ago, we have grown to eighteen, all employed and living in the Tees Valley and over the coming nine months we are looking to increase that by a further four staff.

Yes we are proud of that.

But we are even prouder of our area and what we have achieved over the last nine years.

Things like:

  1. We are the biggest financial contributor to the Tees Valley Business Compass Start Up Programme (we contribute 40% of our own money against a contract size of 53%). Thats why we are a not for profit. (over £100,000 in the last programme)
  2. We have offices and training suites in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton and cover all of the five Tees Valley boroughs.
  3. During the SSI closure, we delivered 94% of the starts into businesses (over 230) of the people directly made redundant from the closure of the Steel Works.
  4. We are the largest and most successful supplier to the regional NEA (New Enterprise Allowance) programme. (We count success in the numbers of people sustaining a business over two years, not starting a business, but we are the biggest of both).

Our figures for the last eighteen months, fill us with pride.

  1. We engaged and helped 3721 pre start individuals
  2. We have supporting the establishment of 1593 new businesses
  3. 43% of those starting a new business were previously unemployed
  4. Of the businesses we have started 87% have survived their first year in business- 11% above the national average
  5. Of the businesses we have supported 75% are still trading at 3 years against a national average of 57%
  6. Of the businesses we have supported they have created a further 3112 jobs in the last 3 years
  7. 50% of the individuals we have engaged have been female
  8. 21% are from an ethic minority background

These last nine years have been a blast – but we have even more to come.

  1. Continuing to help anyone in the Tees Valley who is interested, has an idea or feels like they potentially might have an idea to start a business.
  2. Support through the NEA programme if you are currently unemployed or receiving Universal Credit to start a business.
  3. Delivering a suite of workshops to early start businesses through the Tees Valley’s Combined Authorities Business Compass Start Up Programme.
  4. Being determined and dedicated (in the spirit of Henry Bolckow) to help, work with, watch sustain and grow and most importantly change lives using enterprise as a conduit to change.

We are proud to make a difference, we are proud to give something back to the area we love, we are proud of the businesses that are starting in our area and we are proud to be part of a grass routes movement (A Revolution!) in the way the Tees Valley is portrayed across the UK.

The Tees Valley is definitely open for business – its the best place in the world to start one.

And if you do:

Come and talk to us: we would love to get to know you.

Viva Revolution!