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November 16, 2016
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Online Communities You Need To Join As A New Business Owner

Online Communities You Need To Join As A New Business Owner

Online Communities You Need To Join As A New Business Owner

As a new business owner, there is lots of input from everyone here there and everywhere. But who do should you listen too? Online communities allow you to filter through the mess and find input from thought leaders in your field and other like-minded businesses in similar situations.

Why should I join an online community?

Reasons behind people joining can be broken down into 4 categories:

  • Shared purpose – They want to contribute to getting something done, as an example, getting support for employees being affected by a local business being closed.
  • Shared circumstance – They want to connect with others in a similar life position, generally if you have to type into Google “how do I do XYZ…” there’s normally community there to support and educate you stop similar problems happening.
  • Shared practice – They want to acquire or impart knowledge or skills i.e. thought leaders in specific fields.
  • Shared interest – They want to explore or express their passion.

I imagine you fit into one of these categories for joining an online community so…

Where can I find these online communities?

There’s so many to choose from on social networking sites alone. I would recommend you check out groups on LinkedIn. They are super easy to find. Follow these simple 3 step process:

  1. Sign up/Log in to LinkedIn
  2. Open up the search bar and search for groups relevant to you. For example, I’m an accountant – I would then search for Financial Services Regulation or Chartered Accountant Industry
  3. Then click, ask to join.

It’s that simple. It works in a similar fashion on Facebook groups. Twitter groups are little different.

Twitter groups are called lists. These online communities can be bonded together by the single use of one hashtag or by adding people you know into these lists. To create your own list check out Twitter’s Offical Guide to put together a twitter list.

But there’s more than just social media to subscribe to try these three online communities to get you started.

Flippin Good Business Support

Welcome to Flippin Good Business Support! The home of the Flippin Good Networking, and a range of other flippin good stuff! A supportive community for businesses to get support for any needs they have. This is a few group for you to join! It has numerous articles to help you and your business flourish.

Start Up Nation

Start Up Nation was founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It is a free service so there is no charge to join. It is the top leading community for entrepreneurs and provides you with everything you need to know to grow your business.It has a wealth of forums, groups to join, articles to learn from, blogs, networking for members, and much more.

The Small Business Bonfire

The Small Business Bonfire is a smaller community, but it is top of my list. It is also a free community and you have access to amazing tools for small business owners which you definitely can’t get anywhere else. It also provides a forum, groups, and networking.

BONUS – Try Klear

Online tool Klear allows you to find influencers in your field through a targeted search of over 500 million profiles across all social networks. You can then analyze these profiles, and create private lists.

If you know of a great online community and put it in the comments below.

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