Our Training

Our Training

Enterprise Revolution training and workshops all have enterprise at their core but cover a wide range of topics. Some are fully or partially funded. 

Our training is delivered by business people, for business people. We have the experience of running a business and know how it feels with all of its ups and downs, whether its just you working from home or you will have premises and employees to consider.

Our Training Will:

Present ideas for business

Have you an idea? Great but how do you present it? Especially for business. We will explore your idea in more detail looking at your customers, competitors and different ways you can expand your business and look towards your businesses future.

Preparation for business planning

Or as we like to call it, Planning For Success! In this workshop we will show you how to nurture your business plan have set up and ready for success.

Develop business idea’s

BING that’s you having that lightbulb moment with your business idea. This workshop is aimed at anyone with a business idea who want to take the next steps and move it forward.

Explore your natural skills and abilities

Do you have an arts degree or have you worked as a plumber for the past 5 years and want to be your own boss? No matter what we help you develop your own abilities to develop your business, whether that be through retraining and taking a new course or simply setting up your business get down to it. No matter what we’ll show you how.

Start Your Business Now

What Courses Are Available to You?

Hyper Switch!

Are you someone looking to be self-employed, own or develop a company in Durham? This is the fully funded course for you!
This is a practical, not theory based course, so you can work using the idea you have to ensure you can reach more of the right people and spend less time doing it.

What does it include?

Our trainers are experts in; digital skills and tools, business start-up and growth. We have built this interactive workshop to give you the ability to understand business start-up, planning for sustainability and digital skills development that all go hand in hand.

Understanding social media

  • Identifying the key points between different platforms and which is best for you; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.
  • Segmenting your audience based on relevant characteristics and undertaking digital market research
  • Explore ideas to create an online identity for an intended audience

Producing digital promotional content for your potential business

  • What’s the right topic for your digital content
  • How should you be hosting that content
  • Keys to creating great content
  • Understanding whether your campaign has worked

Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotion activity for business

  • Understanding analytics
  • Applying what you have learned to your next campaign

Business Identification and planning a sustainable business

  • Meeting other like minded individuals who are undergoing the same journey as you
  • Goal setting
  • Working out and implementing solutions to remove the barriers to starting your business whether that is finance or time
  • Identifying potential business opportunities and putting practical solutions into practice

Business identification and planning a sustainable business

  • Identifying areas of marketing opportunities and practical application
  • Developing a budget and considering practical sources for funding the growth
  • Sales techniques and how to implement them
  • Talking cash-flow and how to make it work for you

Hyper Switch is a 2 day course that has been designed to give you the necessary skills to effectively start, promote and sustain your business in the digital world.

Whether you’re local, or have the whole world as your audience, digital promotion can help boost your potential business through the selection of your target audience and delivery of effective and engaging content.

As a part of this programme, you will be shown the process for measuring the effectiveness of everything you created to market your business.

With these combined skills you will be able to decide when, where and how to launch and sustain your business, so you can get the best result.

Ideally you should bring a laptop with you so you can create content and practice the skills during the sessions. This is a two day course delivered in an interactive and engaging way. No boring “lessons or school environment”. This is interactive and fun with relevant and up to date information delivered by people who “have been there and done that!”

Who can get this course fully funded?

Anyone living in County Durham who is currently not registered as self-employed.

Switch Into Business

Information on this coming soon!