Why Should I Start A Business?
October 27, 2017
How would starting a business effect my benefits
How would starting a business effect my benefits?
September 13, 2018
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Are You Ready To Take The Plunge Into Enterprise?


Think you cut out to be an entrepreneur and take the plunge into enterprise? Every entrepreneur shares a lot of the same qualities yet everyone single one is very different. They come from a variety of backgrounds, social communities, geographic locations. There isn’t a course or guide for everyone to follow to become a great entrepreneur but they all share these qualities.

  • Brimming with determination
  • Risk Takers
  • Confident
  • Passionate about their business
  • Highly adaptable

Have you ever wanted to Take the Plunge into self-employment?

If yes then our short 2-day Plunge course is for you.

  • You will look into what self-employment really means, the highs and lows, the good the bad and even the ugly!
  • You will spend some time looking at the skills and characteristics required and also your attitude.
  • You will explore potential business ideas and what you would need to do to get started.
  • Some time will be spent understanding how you can use social media for your business.
  • The course is designed to help you make your mind up that self-employment is right for you. If you decide that you want to go ahead then we will organise some 1-1 support to get your idea moving.

This course is FULLY FUNDED and available to everyone living in County Durham, regardless of your current circumstances.

Thinking About Starting A Business?

You can simply book an appointment with one of our advisers by getting in touch and we will book you an appointment to benefit you.
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